Kia Ora!

Welcome to the IHI – Iwi Have Influence Action Group.

What is IHI saying?


We want the Crown to honour its exisiting agreements with Tangata Whenua.

  • To create better and more diverse representation in local government
  • To protect mana whenua rights
  • To protect the land, sea and people

What can you do?
Use your IHI (power) to influence all people around you to make Tamaki Makaurau – Auckland the diverse, inclusive, soulful and energetic city it can be.


4 responses to this post.

  1. I support this Kaupapa in every way. I encourage you all to take it higher at every step and ask always what is for the highest and best good for ALL ONES. This is way beyond a racial or cultural issue and rests in silent anticipation at the heart of our emerging democracy.

    We stand at a time where the indigenous wisdoms are clarifying and where any action without integrity will become transparently obvious to an awakening community sure and confident of their sovereign rights and duties. (For there is no right without there being a corresponding ability to respond in an integral heart focused way) This focus alone is sufficient to ensure and empower all the healing we are called to now in our communities.

    Please refer to the current information regarding the Mayan Calendar to understand more deeply the challenges of these times, it will provide a great reassurance to any who feel lost or dis-empowered within these changes that be happening within our community.

    Blessed be the Entire Family.


  2. Kia ora koutou katoa

    Whanau here in Ahitereiria (OZ) fully tautoko the kaupapa of the upcoming hikoi in Tamaki Makaurau, our hometown! Kia kaha, will spread the word in every possible way and some!
    Naku noa
    Christel & MIO Whanau


  3. As a Rangatahi descended from Iwi outside of Tamaki Makaurau I believe The Supercity Concept affects all people of Aotearoa.
    It is up to Maori to get involved to stand up for our basic right to have a voice, kanohi ki te kanohi, Maori have a right to sit at the goverance table regardless of how many seats are up for grabs.

    Super Pepi, Mokopuna, Rangatahi, Pakeke, Kaumatua, Marae, Whanau, Hapu, Iwi First!

    Dont forget to fly your Tino flags on your cars when we convoy to the City from Manukau


  4. Posted by angela smith on May 17, 2009 at 10:48 am

    I agree with the first comment. The Indigenous people of the world have been decimated by the ruling elite. Wars and suffering are a result of corporations being in charge of our Govts. Not one Govt in the world has not been co-opted. The super city is a move towards the centralisation of our services and is in line with the world Govts New World order plan. We work 6mths of the year for the Govt and then they make rules to be a pain in our ass and yet values have no place. Our Maori youth are taking their lives because they feel lost and disconnected from their true nature. People identify with things and we are slaves to consumerism which it brings us NO happiness. We have to connect again, become sustainable, go back to the land and local production. Lets take back our lives. This is the beginning!!

    Please check out these links for a more indepth insight into the Mayan Calender prophecies:

    Now is the time to change our world for the better. We must have courage and we must not sell ourselves for money.

    Peace for all is my goal, happy healthy childrn both spiritually and physically.
    One world. One Heart.


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